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PatientBase™   Ver.7

DentalBase     Ver.7

BeautyBase™    Ver.7

OphthalBase™  Ver.7

RehaBase™       Ver.7



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About the company





 Main direction of activities

  • Software and hardware for management and control systems and telecommunication
  • Informational projects for state and corporate customers

 Main products

  • Computer systems for industry
  • Management & medical record system software for medical organizations
  • Communication software


  • Communication software (Global Mail for Windows 95/98/NT - agent of Sovmail and Telemail mail systems based on X.25 nets of Global One companies group - Equant now)
  • Management & medical record systems software for medical organizations (stomatology - DentalBase, ophthalmology - OphthalBase, cardiology - CardioBase, cosmetology - BeautyBase, medical statistics - PatientBase, cliniucal & SPA medicine - RehaBase)
  • Computer complex of medical research center (Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation)
  • Computer system for TV company (MNVK TV6-Moscow)
  • Applied and system software for NPP systems (Kurchatov's institute)
  • Computer systems of upper level of NPP systems (Kurchatov's institute)
  • Upper-level computer complex of Automated Radiation Environment Monitoring System (in Russian -- ASKRO) of Volgodonskaya NPP
  • Computerised Information / Safety Panel (CI/SP) System for Unit 1 of Kalinin NPP (in Consortium with Tecnatom, Spain)


  • The company has the package of licenses for performing projects of special informational and control systems in Russian Federation


Quality Management System of the company regarding design, development, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of computerized complexes and software for automated information and control systems, including nuclear power plants and medicine, fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard. The company has Russian GOST R certificate issued by Test-St.-Petersburg Certification Body and also the certificate and the logo of the International Certification Network IQNet that are recognized by all certification bodies - IQNet partners in 35 countries.

It guarantees that the company is operating in the interests of fulfilling customers and partners requirements; testifies of consistently high level quality assurance of the companys products and services at all stages of realization of computer technology solutions and reliability of the company as partner in the market.

Reg.No.  RU 09.00184
Reg.No.  RU 09.00184
ISO 9001:2008 Reg.No. RU-00184
ISO 9001:2008
Reg.No. RU-Q01060
ISO 9001:2008 Reg.No. RU-00184
ISO 9001:2008
No. 02.149.10

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