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System for Base Automation
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PatientBase™   Ver.7

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PatientBase is the Base module which functions are included in other programs. It can be used both in large and in small medical institutions, without dependence of a specialization. The system will easily ensure the functioning automation of the big polyclinic due to an opportunity of work in a local network and medical records history support.

Taking into account, in interests of the medical organizations-customers, the changes in the financial legislation and by introduction of the new price policy, the enterprise offers new favourable conditions of implementation.


Files of patients
Barcodes for patient cards
Creation of schedules and record on reception
Informing patients
Medical records history
Financial accountings with clients

Bonus system
Built-in quick references
Employee's notebook
Access categories for users

 Files of patients

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As replacement for capacious racks with registration paper cards, the electronic card file – simple and convenient in work – comes. The electronic card of each patient contains the set of useful data, at that it is filled no more than in 1 minute. The administrator can quickly sort records in a file by different parameters or find the necessary patient using the search by any fields from an electronic card. Simplify and accelerate work of registry for faster and qualitative servicing.

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Barcodes for patient records


With this block you can use the bar code on the plastic card of patient:

- The bar code which includes the of patient card number in the system is put on the patient's card

- By card shown to the scanner, the patient will be automatically instantly found in the system

- Go directly to the medical card or the module of accounts with clients


Barcoding is also used for fast searching in the dictionaries of services and materials.


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 Creation of schedules and record on reception


The opportunity of drawing up of the schedule of doctors’ work and making an appointment of patient from an electronic card file to them will allow to organize better working hours of experts and to avoid overlays at an extract of coupons on visiting. At preparing work schedules, it is possible to use ready standard work patterns or to create own, using flexible system customizations.

An appointment on visit is carried out on the basis of the prepared work schedule of medical experts. At that, such function as search of a free time is accessible. To search is possible by doctor’s named, by a prospective interval of visiting and by the time of the beginning and the termination of reception. The schedule is represented in two ways: in the form of classical "book" and by means of unique feature of the program - "bar-time-table". The prepared schedule of reception for any period can be printed, as well as the coupon of visit.

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Informing patients


The component is designed for alerting patients about the appointments and for advertising servises.

It allows:

- To record calls made by the registry

- To send automatically SMS alerts to patients with the date and time of arrival to a specialist

- To carry out information and advertising campaigns for patients


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 Medical Records History

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The new standard of XXI century – the electronic case history. It is based on a standard paper case history of the patient and contains all necessary items, but it cannot be lost or forgotten in a cabinet of medical specialist. The information from such electronic case history card can be used by several experts at once, not departing from the screen of the own computer. Additional sections are accessible to specialized programs, for example: photos and x-ray pictures, odonto-parodontogram, laboratory researches and many other things.

It has special importance at filling the detailed information on the services rendered to the client because it allows to restore subsequently all process of service and to check operations of medical staff.


 Financial accountings with clients


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The uniform group of programs for automation of work of medical institutions from ASE Group does not apply to be sound accounting system. However, use of the given products in work of clinic helps to facilitate work of the chief accountant and the economist, giving great volume of data about the services rendered by doctors, payment of treatment by patients and the organizations.

Payment of treatment is performed by the administrator-cashier on the basis of the data received as a result of filling a patient case history by the doctor. Thus, there is no necessity to duplicate the recording– the manager needs only to enter the sum granted by the patient, and the program will automatically register payment in a database.

By means of the system, the manager can quickly learn the patient balance and history of his payments and visits, to work effectively with clients of the insurance companies, to establish discounts for payment concerned both with the general course of treatment and with separate operations (at presence of the corresponding rights). Accompanying financial documents are automatically formed for all payments: receipts, accounts, invoices.

The printing of checks on new fiscal registers according to 54-FZ (including 11F, 15F, 22F, 25F, 30F, 30F+, 55F, 77F of ATOL company - see e.g. here).

The set of financial and marketing reports is accessible to the chief accountant or the economist of institution for the analysis of work of institution.

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Bonus system


Bonus system allows to encourage patients to use the services of medical organization and to buy goods in partner retailers:

- A patient can obtain bonuses for services received

- After accumulating bonuses, patient can pay for the service by bonuses instead of cash

- Patient can use bonuses received by the purchase of goods in the partner stores, etc.


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 Built-in quick references

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Quick references are a basis of program operation. All records in system are entered by means of program assistants-“masters” and the built-in editable quick references; all that accelerates the process of filling of a case history by doctors-experts.

The systems includes specialized medical (diagnoses on ICD-10, the detailed operations with the usage of materials, the anamnesis, complaints), economic (payment categories, advertising, an exchange rate) and other quick references for usage at all stages of operation of medical institution. Each of them initially contains big volume of terms, and all them are accessible to the further customization by users.

Data input by means of directories allows to accelerate process of filling of the information. Disappears necessity to copy some times for a day the same. Thus different users use identical concepts and formulations that simplifies ordering data.

Very convenient way to fill medical records - reference-questionnaires (included in some systems). A doctor or laboratory worker opens ready table, in which he can choose the response options, supplementing and changing them only when necessary. The system comes with a set ready questionnaires, users can add and change them at will.

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 The reports


Systems give for chiefs of institution the tools for the control over all institution works. The information on all stages of clinic work is accessible in the form of the various reports and medical statistic forms. By means of the built-in reports, it is possible to learn about client visits, yield of medical specialists, to estimate efficiency of advertising, to watch the usage of materials by staff and many other things.

The big block is devoted with the financial reports which can be reviewed for any period of institution operation: summary reports on experts, services and clients, reports on privileged categories of clients and on non-cash payment, a cashbook, the price-list. The usage of financial reports in operation of accounts department will help to calculate fast wages of experts, to prepare documents for operation with tax inspection and the insurance companies.

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 Employee's notebook


For the best organization of work of doctors and managers the Notepad of the employee by means of which it is possible to make a note and the task which are necessary for executing is built in the program, and also to send their other users of the program.

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 Access categories for users

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Systems support several levels of safety. For all employees working with the program, it is possible to set the volume of the information which is accessible to them, both for reading, and for editing, and also the functions which they can carry out during the use of system.

Besides that, the password to system access is formed for each user.

Customization of access rights for all users is a prerogative of the head physician or the chief of institution.


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